AI and learning

AI for learning organisations

Today we are on the brink of a new breakthrough in learning for organisations and companies. Artificial intelligence opens up new possibilities for automatically creating personalised training programmes for thousands of employees. At the same time it can eliminate time-consuming and repetitive tasks for administrators.

Automatic analysis and tagging

Nowadays we have to deal with more digital information than ever before. So how do we sift out what is important to us? AI platforms can analyse digital resources and determine what keywords or “tags” are important for videos, text or training courses. This eliminates time-consuming manual work, and the platform can be scaled up to handle very large amounts of information.

Deep, intelligent searches

AI lets users search for answers and find them, wherever they are. For example, many organisations use videos that contain useful information, but how easy is it to find that information if all you can do is search for the name of the video? An AI platform can search the entire video and make all the content searchable.

Smart and accurate distribution

The platform’s AI enhances social learning and engaged learning, by automatically identifying which users are interested in which subjects. When a new piece of information is added, the system analyses it and then suggests a list of users who have shown interest in that subject previously. This means that the information reaches the people who value it most!

New tools for analysis and evaluation

AI does not just mean less routine work for administrators. It also provides better tools for analysis and evaluation.
AI makes it easier to identify needs and find the right skills within the organisation.

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