Code of conduct

Code of conduct

Talking about values is great. But actually putting them into practice is even more important. TicTac has long experience in creating code of conduct e-learning courses. We offer everything from simple solutions that are ready within a couple of weeks to fully customised solutions. Your training solution provides a framework that shows which guidelines exist and shows each individual how your values and attitudes are applied in real life.

Training on Code of Conduct – try it yourself!


Your values

All code of conduct training is based on an organisation’s values, attitudes and ethical rules. It may describe how you want to treat each other in the workplace, and your attitudes towards contacts with partners, customers and the outside world in general.

In real life

Based on this foundation, your guidelines and rules are then explained as natural consequences of your values. By completing questions, scenarios and exercises, participants demonstrate that they have understood and can follow the code of conduct in real life. We can help you to formulate exercises that cover everything from bribery, to contacts with the media and how to deal with social media.


We can also offer complete transparency and traceability through an e-learning platform. The training is naturally interactive and mobile-based, and can easily be managed by you using standardised tools.

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