Digital onboarding with GO!Micro

13 November, 2017 in News

GO!Micro is a tool that enables your organisation to distribute information and check that end users have received and understood it. By digitalising your onboarding process, you can build and communicate your brand to new employees quickly, simply and efficiently.

Even before a new employee is registered in your HR system, you can initiate the onboarding training via email or SMS. The information generated is easy to load into your HR system.

Book a demo of GO!Micro and learn more about the digital onboarding process.

TicTac’s 5 tips for successful digital onboarding:
1. Generate enthusiasm
Starting a new job is an enormous change in a person’s life, and it’s important to get your new employee engaged even before they start.
2. Simplicity is key
Don’t create a lengthy training that drains your new employee’s time and energy. Divide it into small portions distributed over time.
3. Dynamic material
Videos introducing key staff members and outlining overarching strategies will get your new employee informed and involved.
4. Mobility
Accessibility is crucial when creating digital training and onboarding. If you want everyone to complete your course, you must make it accessible. Computers reach many people – mobile devices reach everyone.
5. Branding
Don’t forget to include communication and your brand. This is an excellent opportunity to create ambassadors for your brand.

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