Digitalise your policies and code of conduct with GO!

9 January, 2018 in Uncategorized

TicTac’s GO! platform allows organisations and companies to distribute training courses and monitor users’ participation and progress. A code of conduct is more than just a document to be signed – it’s a set of values and policies to be respected and followed. Managing and protecting your brand and employees isn’t just about following guidelines; it’s about following them in the right way.

Today’s world is changing ever faster, with increasing staff turnover and geographical spread. TicTac is seeing growing demand for services that support employees, partners and distributors by working with values and policies through a cohesive platform. We meet this demand by continuously distributing small portions of content tailored to different target groups. Our digital GO!Values platform provides companies and organisations with long-term support in their daily activities.

Three reasons for digitalising your policies and values:
1. Measurability It’s crucial to be able to track your employees’ knowledge of your code of conduct and values.
2. Accessibility Your employees will have easy access to your code of conduct via mobile devices and computers 24/7/365.
3. Speed Digitalising your code of conduct allows you to quickly and easily check that everyone has received and studied the material.

With GO!Values, you can also use SMS messages to distribute information and gain statistics on who has received and studied the material.

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