E-learning Africa – TicTac analyses trends

1 October, 2018 in Uncategorized

On the last weekend in September the world’s leading experts in digital learning met in Kigali, the capital of Rwanda, to take part in E-learning Africa, Africa’s biggest digital learning conference. TicTac was on location to gather inspiration, take part in panel discussions and expand our network of international contacts.

Representing TicTac were Carolina Ericson and Benjamin Palmqvist, who give a brief analysis of three clear trends apparent at the conference.

International stakeholders
One clear trend this year was the presence of western companies such as LinkedIn and LinkedIn Learning, which presented their training offerings on their digital platforms. It was apparent that western companies are targeting the African market with off-the-shelf training courses on their platforms.

Progress is rapid
Since we visited E-learning Africa last year in Mauritius, African companies and organisations have not only increased their usage of smartphones and mobile learning but also started exploring how they can use VR and AR in learning. In other words they are having the same discussions as the western world, but the biggest difference is that they do not have existing systems to replace, so they can build from the ground up using modern technology.

Micro-learning – here to stay
A couple of years ago TicTac was inspired by the way that African companies were using micro-learning through channels such as SMS, since smartphones were not in widespread use in Africa. This year we see a clear development of this trend, with mobile learning for smartphones and discussions about how to provide adequate skills in organisations and society as a whole through e-learning in the form of micro-learning.

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