E-learning creation

TicTac are experts in e-learning creation.
Our experts can help you with
everything from e-learning courses
and educational videos,
to scripts for lectures or workshops.



We understand e-learning


Large projects require an experienced project manager who can ask the right questions. We always begin with a start-up meeting and stay in regular contact throughout the project so that you feel confident about the process.


We have scriptwriters, designers and videographers who bring learning content to life. We also go through what you want to cover – as some content may not be suitable for an e-learning course or video. We always do our best to create an integrated and engaging experience.


Our e-learning producers design e-learning courses to be user friendly, and where required, accessible by everyone. We can assist with every aspect, from conversion, translation, subtitling and voice-overs, to publication in your LMS/LXP.

Entire project or selected parts?

We have long experience of creating e-learning in different subjects and formats, from guidelines for nursing staff at national level, to gamified courses for international companies. Sometimes there is already a foundation to work from, and at other times we write, design and produce everything from scratch. And sometimes we just help out with a small part of a larger training initiative.

Large projects

An e-learning project can include games, videos, text and interactive elements. Sometimes it is useful to combine it with a workshop and classroom-based teaching.

Smaller projects

Maybe your training session could be a five-minute quiz-based course? Or maybe you already have a PowerPoint presentation that can be converted into e-learning? Sometimes the small format is the best.

Pre-baked and 80% ready

Some subjects are much the same for everyone, such as information security and GDPR. With a pre-baked solution, 80% is already done, and you just add the missing parts for your particular organisation. Simple!

Consulting services

Do you need to get started with web-based learning? If so, one of our consultants can help you. Among other things, we offer training, workshops and templates for e-learning creation. Contact us so we can tell you more.


TicTac offers a selection of workshops designed to suit your needs. Workshops that are intended to inspire and train you in the various areas of e-learning.


You receive design and interaction templates for Storyline 360 that are designed around your brand style guide, automatically ensuring that your courses are appealing and consistent.


TicTac offers training in e-learning creation. Half a day of training in course production (online or at our premises in Malmö).

Additional services

TicTac offers a number of additional services. These can form part of a larger project, or be purchased separately to meet specific needs. You can see a sample of our services below. Not sure where to start? We will gladly help you get started.


Adding a voice-over makes e-learning content more accessible and adds value. You can choose from a variety of professional voice-over actors.


Basic graphics are included in many e-learning projects. If you need to illustrate particular scenarios and/or settings, TicTac can provide illustrations of this type.


We carry out photo shoots that generally result in 5–30 photos that can be used to illustrate scenarios or create recognition in e-learning.


A brief video animation with infographics and/or simple animated characters. Useful for visualising a scenario, introducing a subject or explaining something in a general way.


A video intro that explains the purpose of the training, or a trailer that grabs watchers’ attention and can be distributed through other channels.


TicTac can manage and integrate translations in other languages. Translations can be provided by your existing supplier or externally through us.

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We look forward to hearing from you

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We look forward to hearing from you

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