“Helsingborg Municipality aims to be an attractive employer offering individual development opportunities”

5 May, 2020 in Intervjuer, News

Helsingborg is one of Sweden’s leading municipalities with regard to IT. This year the Municipality will invest strongly in providing digital training for its approximately 11,700 employees via a learning portal available to all the Municipality’s employees, with a focus on lifelong learning. The Municipality will use TicTac’s digital solution Docebo.

The aim of the new integrated learning platform is to increase skills development opportunities for all Helsingborg Municipality’s employees by partially replacing traditional classroom teaching with modern e-learning. The aim is to improve accessibility and cater to new talent accustomed to working digitally.

Helsingborg Municipality has approximately 11,700 employees with a wide range of professional profiles.

The initiative is part of Vision Helsingborg 2035, a future strategy that aims for Helsingborg to become a creative, buzzing, sharing, global and balanced city for people and businesses by 2035.

Alenka Cernec is project manager for the initiative, which will make Helsingborg Municipality a more learning organisation and thus contribute to achieving the future vision for 2035.

Why are you implementing this major digital learning initiative?

“Helsingborg Municipality wants to be an attractive employer offering opportunities for individual development. Major changes are under way in society, and it is hard for the municipal sector to meet the needs and provide the services that people expect with the resources currently at its disposal.

There will be a strong shift in needs over the coming decade, partly driven by digitalisation and automation, in which lifelong learning will play an important role.

All employees should regard skills development as an important element in their daily work and be prepared to adopt new working methods, with new processes and new content.”

Which are the greatest benefits of using digital learning in your organisation – both for employees and for you as an employer?

“Helsingborg Municipality’s employees must have opportunities for development. The shared learning platform will provide access to all training courses, including digital and classroom-based ones. The Municipality wants to offer processes and system support that make learning easy, effective, fun and beneficial to the organisation.

It should be easy for our employees to find and enrol in courses and track their development. For course administrators, it should be easy to create, administer and follow up on the courses.

And managers should easily be able to track skills development within the organisation and motivate employees to participate in training that benefits the organisation.”

When will the Municipality’s shared learning portal be launched, and who can enrol in the courses?

“The launch is planned for August/September. The learning portal will be for employees of Helsingborg Municipality.

Helsingborg Municipality will use TicTac’s digital platform Docebo. Docebo is a complete solution for tailored learning. The platform allows users to bring all their courses together in a user-friendly LMS, create personalised training streams with the aid of AI and easily and efficiently exchange knowledge.”

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