How AI can contribute to a better learning experience

22 March, 2022 in Nyheter

Q&A med Benjamin Rosén

Benjamin Rosén, CMO and partner at TicTac, talks about different current trends in EdTech. Now it’s the turn of AI and how artificial intelligence can be used to enhance the learning experience.

How does AI contribute to the learning experience?
AI helps us to assess the relevance of the training based on the needs and skills of the users as well as courses they have taken previously. In this way, we can recommend and present learning content to users.

AI is being incorporated these years into online platforms dedicated to distributing digital learning as LMS and LXP solutions. The best platform we currently have in its price range is Docebo. In Docebo, the AI features are included from the start. AI helps to streamline how training is managed and distributed, both internally and externally.

What does this involve?
The platform helps automate training, thereby reducing the manual burden for both users and administrators. For example, by suggesting the most relevant courses in terms of the users’ professional level.

Are there any benefits for administrators or managers?
For example, administrators and managers can get a list of AI-suggested course participants from their own organisation and easily register or recommend this training to employees. Or they can get recommended courses and training materials that are just right for their organisation.

How does it work?
When AI analyses the training material – e.g. by automatically reading through a presentation – or “listens” to a video to find keywords that can then be used to identify the user’s training needs. As well as being incredibly time-efficient, this also helps make relevant content easier to locate, for example when the user searches for specific keywords like “GDPR” or “sales training”.

Are there other ways AI can be used for training and skills development?

Training using the same elements we know from social media is also becoming more common. Here, AI also plays an important role.

For example, Docebo offers “social learning” features. With Docebo’s “Discover, Coach & Share” module, it is possible to create a learning organisation where informal learning is an integral part of training. For example, employees can share videos, PowerPoints, tips and ideas with each other. Here, AI helps ensure visibility of relevant content – for example by showing what colleagues with the same functional area have seen and ‘liked’.

Docebo has also developed an AI-based virtual coach. The coach guides users through training and provides continuous feedback and reminders. You could say it’s an assistant that does everything to make sure you learn in the best way. I don’t know if this is very human, but it’s smart!

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