How L&D professionals work with Articulate 360

8 November, 2022 in E-learning, Uncategorized

Articulate 360 is the world’s most beloved authoring tool for digital learning. In the Nordics, choosing Articulate for digital learning is as natural as choosing Microsoft for your organization. Companies like Ericson, Klarna, and Volvo Cars have already grasped its excellency. Now, we’d like to provide you with our top 5 tips for how you can work as smart.

So – what is Articulate 360?

The Articulate 360 suite includes several amazing products. Storyline is the most popular and widely used, closely followed by RiseThey’re the most important products in the suite simply because that’s where you create and design your content. The other products are there to support you in your production endeavours. Back it up with a powerful LMS (Learning Management System), and there are no limits to implementing digital learning in your organization.

TicTac has been an avid user and reseller of Articulate 360 for the past 12 years. It’s safe to say that we have plenty of experience and best practices to share.

These are our top 5 tips for working with Articulate:

  1. One solid process – multiple teams
    Articulate allows for one organization to have multiple teams. Create a structure where different departments in your organization can create learning in parallel. HR and L&D should have their teams, compliance another, and then one each for marketing and product teams. 

    Each team should agree on how to create and organize projects, how to control revisions, and create a roadmap for the courses you’ll deliver in the next 6 months. This plan lets you create agile learning projects when you need them – as we all know, sharing knowledge is an ongoing process!
  2. Know your audience 
    You’re not creating to impress your team, but to appeal to an audience with demands, needs, and expectations. And you’ll want to make sure that other parts of your organization are onboard with what you’re making. Put your target audience at the front, and make sure that your organization agree on who they are. This lets you create streamlined content that will affect and educate at the right level.
  3. Keep in style
    Good-looking content will make your courses more appealing. Obviously, the actual content has to be clever and accessible to the audience, but some extra TLC will make wonders for the user experience. Set a high standard, do your QA, and get help from your design and marketing teams!
  4. Use the power of Review 
    Use Articulates tool Review to engage your colleagues or industry experts. Let them review and approve your course before you go live. Make sure you get marketing and design teams involved here, too – their insights will be invaluable.
  5. Challenge the tools 
    Never forget that the tools are supposed to work for you – not the other way around. This is THE tip – the one that guarantees success. Once you’re comfortable with the tools, it’s time to level up. Both Storyline and Rise allows you to create unique experiences. The key is knowing how to use the tools to get there! 

    One of the best practices is to appoint an internal product owner who’s responsible for gathering business intelligence and sharing knowledge within the organization. There’s so much to discover in Articulates forum e-Learning heroes. Start there!

If you’re looking for something out of the ordinary, want help to get started, or would like to find a solution perfect for your organization – reach out to our team at TicTac! We’ll help you level up your training operations.

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