Improving employee engagement through digitalisation

14 March, 2023 in News

Hybrid working, being part of a team and training have all been identified as success factors for giving employees a strong sense of engagement in their work. This is one of the conclusions of the latest report from the ADP Research Institute’s Global Workplace Study 2022, based on responses from over 27,000 people from 27 countries. In this month’s newsletter we discuss how e-learning, and in particular social learning, can help companies and employees improve engagement in the workplace.

Winning team
The sense of belonging to a team and having a connection is one of the most important criteria for employees to feel engaged in their work. According to the study, members of a team are almost three times more engaged in their work than people who do not belong to a team. So – how do you use e-learning to build team spirit?

Hybrid working pays off
Employees who have the opportunity to work from home and at the office are more engaged than employees who either work solely at the office or entirely from home. In the study, 20 percent of hybrid workers said they were engaged in their work, compared to 13 percent who only worked at the office and 12 percent who only worked from home.

We also know that one of the top reasons that persuades employees to stay in their jobs is opportunities for training and development. In other words: The combination of hybrid working and e-learning is a powerful tool for increasing employee engagement.

Like to know more?
You can read the full report here: Global Workplace Study 2022. As well as the aspects covered in our newsletter there is plenty of useful information for those of you who work in Learning & Development, Human Resources, or leadership roles. Please get in touch if you would like to bounce ideas off us or develop a plan for your own workplace.

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