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18 September, 2018 in News

For healthcare and rescue services it is vital to safeguard quality and assess skills regularly. The medical technology giant Dräger has therefore chosen to work with TicTac Interactive to produce world-class online training. At SAMTIT 2018, Dräger won the prestigious “Interactive Training of the Year” award.


Dräger is an international leader in medical and safety technology. The company’s products have been protecting and saving lives since 1889. Dräger is represented in around 180 countries, and its customers include hospitals, rescue services and public authorities. The company’s headquarters are located in Lübeck, Germany, and the Group employs approximately 14,000 people.

Dräger won the “Interactive Training of the Year” award at the Swedish Users’ Association for Medical Technology and IT (SAMTIT) 2018 – a voluntary association of healthcare professionals who have responsibility for medical equipment, IT and training.

Dräger won the award for its Zeus IE anaesthesia control solution. The interactive training for Zeus IE was produced in collaboration with TicTac. TicTac has previously supplied Dräger with the GO! online training platform.

Peter Bellhammar, Nordic Marketing Manager at Dräger, explains how TicTac’s e-learning platform helps to enhance skills within the organisation and safeguard a high standard of proficiency among users of the company’s products.


How does Dräger use TicTac’s online training on a day-to-day basis?

“E-learning is a way for us to ensure that the training we provide is standardised and everyone gets the same training, and that the proficiency of customers meets a documentable standard. The operational features of our equipment demand a high level of training that must be regularly assessed.”

How does the training help to enhance the skills and competence of staff?

“Because it ensures that training is standardised, traceable and certified.”

Dräger’s products help to improve lives and health. What special demands do you make of your training?

“We want our training to be easy to understand and feel relevant to users in their day-to-day work. The training is designed to ensure that users have really assimilated the information. This makes it important to track learning results so that we can make sure the training is used effectively.”

Dräger won the “Interactive Training of the Year” award at SAMTIT 2018. What does this award mean to you?

“We are naturally very proud of this as it confirms that the system we chose to invest in is valued by users.”

Why did you choose to work with TicTac?

“We chose TicTac because they have the expertise we need. TicTac is also a company that is large enough to ensure that as our e-learning grows, they will have the capacity to assist us with everything from basic local training courses, to the complex multinational platform.”

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