Learning journeys with blended learning

21 April, 2021 in News

Many classroom courses have had to be quickly digitalised so that they can be conducted remotely. As part of this process we have developed methods, based on your requirements, to package courses as a mix of digital learning experiences that aim for first-class results.

The result is a blended learning experience that combine various formats, linked together as a learning journey – long or short – on your own learning platform.

The goal is to create a sustainable solution, where elements such as webinars, videos and group discussions can easily be replaced by physical meetings, while preserving the overall packaging and using those elements that are effective in digital form.

Depending on the subject, ambition level and your platform, digital packaging of a course can comprise a mix of videos, documents, podcasts, e-learning, micro-learning, information, webinars, etc. This provides varied learning that is optimised to suit the learning goals and the target group.

Three tips along the way:

  1. Exploit the potential of your learning platform
  2. Use the strengths of the various formats
  3. Make it simple!


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We look forward to hearing from you

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