Meet Susanne Malmberg

8 November, 2022 in E-learning, Uncategorized

We recently welcomed a new star to the team. A warm welcome to Susanne Malmberg! You have just taken on the role of assistant to our CEO, Carolina. Can you tell us a little about yourself?

I’m a new colleague who recently left Mercedes-Benz after 14 years. I live in Lomma and have two grown-up sons. I’m very thankful that my new job involves the same commuting distance as my last one, as I love cycling to and from work. Almost all year round!

14 years, wow! What made you choose TicTac?

I was impressed by all the energy and passion I felt when I walked through the doors at TicTac. It’s also a successful company in an entirely new industry, and that tickled my curiosity. When I met colleagues here I also got a sense that the personal chemistry was just right. Having worked here for a short while now I have to say I’m really glad I had the courage to join TicTac. So thank you for your support and for making me feel so welcome!

No, it’s we who should thank you! It’s great to have you on board. Talking about what we can do for you: what would you like to learn from us?

I’m very curious about the whole industry and I look forward to our coming challenges, all the future meetings with my colleagues, our partners and our customers. I expect to learn something new every day!

Great! And to turn the question around – what do you want contribute?

I look forward to sharing the experience I brought with me from my previous employment. I also want to contribute to a warm and encouraging atmosphere among the people I work with through my enthusiasm and reassurance!

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