Microlearning lets you quickly package and distribute knowledge.


The keyword in Microlearning is simplicity – for both the provider and the recipient.


Microlearning is both cost-effective and time-efficient.


Microlearning lets you reach everyone, whatever device they use and whatever the time of day.

The future

Microlearning is here to stay. The digital era demands mobility, flexibility and measurability, and the answer is micro-learning.

Why micro-learning?

We have become much more mobile today, but we also have less time to absorb large blocks of knowledge. The result is a growing need for e-learning that is straight to the point, concise and accessible when you need it.

What is microlearning?

Microlearning is small, optimised digital lessons that can be completely independent, be part of a loop or fit into a broader context of other activities. Microlearning can be used for many purposes and for any conceivable subject.

It is a new and efficient way to package and distribute knowledge digitally. It is now replacing or supplementing classroom education for onboarding, implementing change, providing instructions, for certification and much more.

Does it work?

It has been shown that micro-learning is more effective than traditional learning – because it mimics the way that people learn naturally in the workplace. When knowledge is served up in bite-sized micro-portions it sticks in the memory better.

Motivation and measurability

Microlearning is already used by many organisations, but it may not be recognised as such. It can be as simple as motivated employees and internal “influencers” who answer questions and administer knowledge. By making this knowledge accessible and measurable we can build a culture in which it is easy to offer everyone everyday knowledge in small portions. Micro-learning can also be used to implement long-term change by creating loops that can be assimilated over a longer period.

Is it something for you?

Each learning experience has its own requirements. Contact us to get a demonstration of our micro-learning system and we will find a solution that suits you.

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