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4 steps to successful Mobile Learning!

TicTac is the leading Scandinavian player in Mobile Learning. For more than 10 years we have been helping organisations and companies to create the best mobile learning experiences at both national and global levels. Generation Z has grown up with mobile phones and is placing new demands on the user experience, responsiveness and accessibility.

Strategy: Learning when you need it

The advantage of mobile learning is that it makes learning accessible anywhere and anytime. You can make learning accessible in a totally new way. To get effective results you need to optimise courses for smartphone screens, a strategy that is often known as “Mobile first”.

Content: Keep it short and simple

When you create mobile learning you allow users to interact with their smartphones in a way they are familiar with. Make access as easy as possible for your target group! The media that work best on smartphones are videos, podcasts and social news feeds. The goal is to make it easy to use and easy to digest, to ensure optimised learning. This means that content must be kept short and simple.

Tools: Rise + GO+

Buy in tools for Mobile Learning. TicTac recommends Rise, which is a responsive authoring tool within Articulate 360. Create your Mobile Learning course and distribute it easily over the responsive GO! platform. This lets you monitor who has watched the training and understood the content.

Statistics: Measure results

Measurability is important for companies and for their employees. It gives you confirmation that your strategy is working and gives you clear feedback on progress in the learning process, since it clearly shows who has done what.

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