Meet Nathalie Strindlund

18 January, 2022 in News

A while ago we wished a warm welcome to Nathalie Strindlund, our latest star player on the Design team.

What does your work at TicTac involve, Nathalie?
I’m a designer/content creator, and that’s just as exciting as it sounds! When I create something that can be seen or touched I focus on incorporating the customer’s visual identity. It’s about giving the customer a face using our knowledge solutions, and to do that I use all the creative tricks I have on hand to realise, interpret and translate the concepts we have developed.

It sounds fascinating and varied!
Definitely! I love being able to work on such a wide range of things. What fascinates me about the Edtech sector is the meeting between the physical world and the digital. They are increasingly merging with each other and I’m excited to explore new possibilities in digital learning in the future.

Hur kom det sig att du valde TicTac?
I want to be part of a super team of people who are not just good at what they do, but also create a really great atmosphere in the company. TicTac quickly became a natural choice, for just that reason. It was obvious right from the first meeting.

What is the best way to learn something?
It’s not so much about the information itself, but what we do to remember it. I believe in making learning fun. Children learn through play and that’s something I believe we all can all benefit from!

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