Packaging learning journeys in digital format – blended learning

29 April, 2021 in News

Today, we do most things digitally, and we have reached this point very quickly!

On the way we have all had to solve various challenges, in industry and in the public sector.

Even we have faced challenges, despite having worked for many years in the creation of digital learning. To support our customers as effectively as possible we have developed processes, tools and services based on their current position and desired vision. Time frames, budgets, platforms, strategies and organisations can differ widely, and our role has evolved from being a supplier of e-learning, to advising and training our customers in how to start packaging digital learning themselves.

Today, we supply our customers with world-leading tools and platforms that they can then use to produce and distribute digital learning, and we have also developed processes for various types of productions that aim to safeguard the skills of companies and organisations, and their partners and customers.


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Lisa Tagestam

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