RFSL offers LGBTQ training with help from TicTac

10 January, 2017 in Uncategorized

TicTac Interactive is helping RFSL, the Swedish Federation for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer Rights, to develop a course designed to improve the health of LGBTQ people. The project is the first in the TicTac Heart collaborative programme.

The course is intended to increase awareness of norms and discrimination, and to provide training in treating people in a respectful way, particularly in the workplace. The target audience for the course includes industry, associations, schools, the care sector and public sector.

RFSL is the first organisation to join TicTac Heart – a form of collaboration in which TicTac covers a third of the project cost in order to support the work of non-profit associations.

Gustaf Hedman, Training Manager, is responsible for the training initiative at RFSL.

The over-riding aim of RFSL is that the same rights, opportunities and responsibilities should apply to LGBTQ people as to everyone else in society. The goal of our web training is to provide a basic understanding of LGBTQ issues and norm criticism to a large number of people in a quick and accessible way. The training offers a first insight into these issues that will hopefully spark an interest in finding out more. It is primarily aimed at people employed in a variety of different industries.

Have you had much demand and feedback from the training so far?

“There has been a lot of interest in the web training, not just from businesses that were already LGBTQ certified and often buy in the training for their employees, but also from clients who are new to RFSL and see this training as an excellent tool for giving employees basic skills in these issues. The organisations that have ordered the training are very diverse, ranging from arts and culture institutions to various municipal and council operations.”

What will be the next step?

“The next step will be to evaluate and possibly improve the content of the training. Eventually we also want to develop more courses in other areas, for example with more targeted and specialised coverage.”

How have TicTac helped RFSL?

“TicTac acted as the project manager throughout the process of developing the training. In consultation with us they wrote the scripts and produced the images. We worked very well together and consulted closely with them.”

Why do you think an organisation should enlist TicTac?

“TicTac have been involved throughout the process and have always delivered promptly. They have listened to our requests and been creative in finding good solutions that suit RFSL. We are extremely pleased with the results of the web training, and feel it is something we can be very proud of. We can honestly recommend other organisations to work with TicTac,” concludes Gustaf Hedman.

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