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30 January, 2022 in News

Benjamin Rosén is a CSO and partner at TicTac Interactive. What does he suggest we keep doing, and what should we leave behind? TicTac’s 2022 trend survey presents the five most important trends to keep track of. But let’s start at the beginning – with trend no. 1.

Hi Benjamin! What can you tell us about the first trend?

One of the biggest lessons from last year is that it pays to create blended learning programs and “Learning Journeys”. They are flexible in the sense that it is possible to have completely digital learning loops, or parts with physical elements. It’s all based on creating Learning Journeys tailored to the individual. 

When are individualized Learning Journeys most important?

The advantage of blended learning programs is that they are easy to follow and give the participant a tailored experience. This means that they are effective regardless of whether they involve onboarding a new employee or a customer, or relate to a leadership program.

How do they differ from non-personalized programs?

Of course, all knowledge is important, and even a non-tailored program gives the organization a number of benefits in the form of knowledge exchange, team-building, and increased interest in the company as knowledge increases. But with an individualized Learning Journey, you will always meet the person exactly where he or she is.

And how does that affect the results?

For an employee, learning becomes a different type of experience that strengthens the feeling of being appreciated by and valuable to the company, which strengthens employer branding and ultimately strengthens the brand.

For onboarding and leadership, the learning curve becomes more precise, and you can also be sure that what you’re measuring is exactly what you need to know about the individual’s learning journey. It will be both time and cost efficient, and for that reason individualized Learning Journeys are here to stay. Read more!


– More and more people will invest in individualized learning journeys, both to save money and resources, but also because it strengthens the relationship with the individual and creates loyalty in the long run.

– Mixed learning programs allow both you and the employee or customer to go straight to the point and create more effective learning.

Do not miss the next newsletter, where Benjamin talks about trend no. 2: Systematic learning measurement – how you as a company or organization can work with continuous and systematic measurement of the target groups and measure the effect of systematic learning. What key performance indicators should one have and what is most important to measure?

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