Social learning

What is social learning?

Social learning describes the informal processes through which users learn outside the classroom or e-learning course. Informal learning happens all the time in the workplace – and of course there is a great deal of knowledge within every organisation! With the right tools, learning becomes more effective and engaging, without disrupting the daily working routine.

How does it work?

How does social learning work? It’s simple. Just like on social media and channels such as YouTube, colleagues share knowledge with each other through videos, chat and other media. This is already second nature to many people, especially younger people who have grown up with social media. Social learning will become an important factor in making employers attractive in the future.

What makes it so useful?

The benefits of social learning include more engaged employees, a more enjoyable workplace and better results. It also creates a learning organisation in which knowledge accumulates and is constantly built on.

What is required?

A social platform that is used to gather and share all knowledge is the key to a successful learning organisation. The platform rewards and acknowledges active contributors, and allows energy to flow between users. This is another area where AI tools can channel the right information to the right people.

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