Strengthen your brand with digital learning

4 February, 2020 in News

It goes without saying that new employees need a solid introduction to their new workplace – one that provides a clear overview and makes them feel comfortable. Digital onboarding gives new employees an effective introduction to the key aspects of their new workplace.

Today’s growing trend for digital learning offers businesses valuable opportunities to strengthen their brand and build pride among employees. We at TicTac believe that the digital brand experience must reflect the company’s culture and guidelines.

TicTac offers PreBaked Onboarding – where 80% of the training course comes ready-made Just add content that is unique to your company or organisation and you’re good to go.

Here you can see examples of the template’s visual look and structure.

Do you also want to track and follow up the results? Add our Go+ platform

GO+ Onboarding gives you:

In 2020, all customers will get access to our diversity training. Contact us for more information.

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