Swedish Theft Prevention Association (SSF) and TicTac in new digital learning initiative

1 July, 2020 in News, Pressmeddelanden

The Swedish Theft Prevention Association (SSF) is strengthening its fight against cybercrime by launching a new learning platform in collaboration with the edtech provider TicTac Interactive.

The Swedish Theft Prevention Association (SSF) is launching a major initiative to raise knowledge on how to combat cybercrime. During the year, SSF has developed a digital strategy comprising ten strategic initiatives around digitalisation and cybercrime. As part of this strategy, SSF is investing strongly in developing its digital training with the launch of a new learning platform in partnership with the edtech company TicTac Interactive.

SSF already has Sweden’s broadest offering of physical courses in the area of safety and security. In addition to its open courses, SSF offers tailored safety and security courses for companies. SSF is now collaborating with TicTac over the development and sale of e-learning courses on safety and security. The courses are designed to help companies protect themselves more effectively against physical threats and cybercrime.

“We want to be the natural choice for players seeking to secure their business against cybercrime. Initiatives to support companies in protecting themselves against cybercrime are a key part of our safety and security efforts. Among other things, we will offer various forms of digital training, and we see TicTac as the best choice for our learning platform,” says Thomas Brühl, CEO, Swedish Theft Prevention Association.

SSF will use TicTac’s digital learning platform Docebo, a complete solution for tailored learning. The platform allows users to bring all their courses together in a user-friendly LMS, create personalised training streams with the aid of AI and design easy and efficient ways to exchange knowledge.

“SSF has long traditions and high credibility when it comes to raising knowledge and awareness regarding different types of crime. We’re very proud that they have chosen our digital learning platform Docebo, and look forward to an exciting collaboration,” says Benjamin Rosén, Head of Sales, TicTac Interactive.

Contact details for more information:

Monika Johannesen, Head of Training and Consultant, Swedish Theft Prevention Association
Phone: +46 721 41 49 63
Email: [email protected]

Benjamin Rosén, Head of Sales, TicTac Interactive AB
Telephone: +46 720 78 34 73
Email: [email protected]

The Swedish Theft Prevention Association (SSF) is a non-commercial organisation that actively strives to raise knowledge and awareness about various types of crime against members of the public and SMEs. These crimes are committed to a large extent against individuals and small companies throughout Sweden. The Swedish Theft Prevention Association has a wholly owned subsidiary, SSF Service AB, which provides training courses, publishing services, marking products and subscription services on a commercial basis. The profits from our products and services are reinvested in our non-profit crime prevention initiatives. www.stoldskyddsforeningen.se

TicTac is the leading Scandinavian player in corporate edtech – Educational Technology. Edtech is one of the world’s fastest-growing industries and offers a wide range of services and products including learning materials, assessment tools, learning platforms, administrative systems, hardware and communication solutions. With over 1,000,000 users globally, TicTac provides customers with knowledge solutions that help businesses, organisations and people to grow. TicTac develops platforms and services for a global market. www.tictac.se

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