Three hot trends for the year ahead

7 January, 2020 in News

Having a combination of the right technology and the right people to drive the process gives organisations unprecedented possibilities. Below are the topics we expect to be hottest in 2020:

1. Learning Automation
Yes, AI is now working so well that people actually want to use it. 40% of companies have already implemented AI in some form over the past four years. Moreover, use of AI has increased by 270%*.

2. Upskilling
We all know that digitalisation is causing changes, and 2020 will be the year when we embrace the value of upskilling, which means transferring skills within an organisation instead of recruiting new talent. On average, the cost of upskilling is half that of new recruitment**.

3. Open content
Many people are claiming that SCORM-based learning is dead, a view we don’t entirely share. However, we do agree that APIs are here to stay. API sharing results in wider distribution of training courses that can be created without an authoring tool.

*Source Gartner
**Source Workinstitute

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