TicTac enters partnership with Mediafarm and continues to grow internationally

13 March, 2019 in Uncategorized

Fast-growing EdTech company TicTac Interactive has entered into a strategic partnership with leading industry ally Mediafarm, in Norway. The collaboration will allow Mediafarm to sell the GO! platform and marks another step in TicTac’s international growth.

Mediafarm AS was founded in 1996, in Stavanger, and is a leader in the production of E-learning, visitor centres and interactive games and films. Mediafarm uses the latest multimedia technology to develop digital education solutions that make learning an enjoyable experience.

Its customers include the European Parliament, Andøya Space Centre, Equinor, Aker BP, the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Sparebank1 Gruppen.

“Mediafarm is our first partnership in the Nordic region and we are very proud to be collaborating with such a well-established and competent player. Mediafarm is a strong EdTech supplier that will sell TicTac’s GO! platform. We see great future growth opportunities together with them,” says Carolina Ericson, CEO of TicTac Interactive.

GO! from TicTac is an effective education platform for the digital transmission of knowledge and is successfully used by several well-known companies and organisations, including SCA, Klarna, Forex, RFSL, Boverket and MFF, for their own internal and external training courses.

“For Mediafarm, the partnership with TicTac enhances its offering in the Norwegian market. As a training partner to our customers it is important that we can offer expertise in a technology that enables the distribution and monitoring of further training within organisations. GO! does this in a very efficient and modern way. We are really looking forward to working with our new colleagues at TicTac,” says Annenita Bakker Schøyen, CEO of Mediafarm.

The partnership with Mediafarm in Norway is another step in TicTac’s international expansion. In November last year, TicTac entered into an international partnership with the world-leading AI platform Docebo, whose customers include Starbucks, Uber and Hubspot.

TicTac has doubled its sales to business in 2018, and the recent partnership with Mediafarm means that TicTac is ramping up its growth in Europe and the Nordic region.

“Right now we are in dialogue with European markets such as Germany, the UK and France. Demand for digital learning solutions continues to grow in parallel with growing digitalisation and globalisation,” says Carolina Ericson.

 Read more about Mediafarm at www.mediafarm.no

EdTech stands for Educational Technology. The industry offers a wide range of products and services, including teaching aids, assessment tools, learning platforms, administrative systems, hardware and communication solutions.

Globally, EdTech is one of the fastest growing business sectors and now exceeds FinTech in volume, for example. The Swedish EdTech industry is also expanding rapidly, with an annual growth rate of 12 per cent according to statistics from Navitas Ventures.

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