TicTac hosts Articulate after-work in Helsinki

20 December, 2022 in E-learning

On Thursday 17 November, Lotta Naukkarinen and Alexander Palmqvist from TicTac visited Helsinki to organise an after-work event and present Articulate to Finnish companies and customers.

Finland has long experience in using e-learning, so the conversations were animated and insightful, and there were many questions, thoughts and ideas. We presented the Articulate suite of tools together with our working model. During the discussions it became clear that the Finns, like us, value the idea of social learning and sharing knowledge and experience with a community.

No sooner said than done: there is now an Articulate community on LinkedIn especially for our Finnish customers. This will be a fantastic and potentially very dynamic platform for sharing best practices, tips and advice, and of course, for learning from each other.

Thank you Finland for a really enjoyable event – see you again soon!

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