TicTac Interactive at Learning Technologies in London

5 March, 2018 in News

Learning Technologies is a meeting place where over 8000 European and American experts and decision makers in digital learning meet each year to exchange ideas, talk about the future and networking. Over 200 companies were exhibiting at the fair and over 30 conference sessions debated about what the future of digital learning will look like.

Tictac was there and attended seminars with famous names – both eminent veterans like Wil Thalheimer and Laura Overton, but also new acquaintances like Mirjam Neelen and Shannon Tipton. Meeting suppliers and studied best practice among the market’s leading LMS and platform providers.

– The picture I get is that we have come a long way in the Nordic region, says Anders Svensson, product owner for GO! Micro on Tictac. There is a tendency for platforms to be easier for the user while building on a powerful engine. We have understood this in Scandinavia, both when it comes to design and the strategic aspect.

When it comes to new technologies like artificial intelligence, virtual reality and big data, it was eagerly discussed where we are heading:
– I think the use of new technologies depends very much on the context, says Christian Stenevi, concept developer at Tictac. What we saw was a huge interest in micro-learning, as most people want to roll out soon.

For those who were not there, much of the fair’s activities will be posted on Youtube and social media shortly.

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