TicTac launches template for implementing information security

10 October, 2018 in News

TicTac’s information security templates let you create a fully interactive, mobile-ready online course for all your employees in just a week or so.

TicTac has developed a best-practice template that includes everything a course on information security should cover. We insert your brand and then add the specific facts that apply to your company or organisation. The course is created using Articulate 360 software.

TicTac has been assisting organisations and companies with information security for over 15 years and our templates combine all our experience in a modern, interactive and mobile-ready package. By offering all employees a thorough online implementation, you create a solid foundation that benefits employees and your entire organisation.

At the end of the course you own all the source material, which allows you to update the course as needed without having to enlist a consultant. The updating process requires access to Articulate 360.



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