TicTac presents: 3 valuable insights you need to be aware of this autumn if you work with learning, culture and growth

31 August, 2021 in News

Looking back on a very unusual year, we can confidently say that e-learning is here to stay as a key element in the strategy of growth companies. The transition to digital workplaces and digital routines is advancing rapidly, and TicTac has followed its clients and the world around us on this journey – both as consultants and observers of global market trends. Here are our insights for a successful autumn.

1. Security leads to growth
Research has shown that fear has a dampening effect on growth. By creating a culture in which everyone feels secure and where it is OK to make mistakes occasionally, those mistakes can become lessons that drive the organisation forward. This is how you grow! Dare to talk about fears, be open to mistakes and encourage boldness. With the help of a digital platform for social learning you create the foundation for discussions, lessons and sharing know-how between colleagues.

2. Shifting priorities and focus
Agile working is nothing new. But how do you actually encourage an organisation to live with constant change? At TicTac, the answer was to take the “sniper’s approach”. Like a sniper, the organisation chooses to focus on an area that will have the biggest effect on results if it succeeds in the prioritised activities or changes. Explain the sniper’s approach to your organisation and make it clear that you can shift target at any time. The goal is for the organisation to grow. Getting this message over requires continuous training and opportunities for re-skilling, up-skilling and changes in culture. With the help of our GO+ platform you can get started straight away – it’s the easiest way to distribute e-learning throughout an organisation. Use the microlearning approach and keep everyone updated about the current target.

3. E-learning is here to stay
We are absolutely convinced that Teams meetings and Zoom webinars have worked well over the past year. Keep them going! But take it a stage further by adding e-learning for theory components and use instructor-led sessions for practical work and discussions. Articulate lets you easily digitalise your official training content as interactive digital modules, then add a classroom session or webinars, and in no time at all you will have created Blended Learning. Your users/colleagues will appreciate the variety (despite Teams meetings) and you will be able to measure participation and change in your organisation.

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