TicTac checks out the 3 biggest trends at EdTech Sweden

29 October, 2019 in Intervjuer, News

EdTech Sweden took place last week and TicTac is proud to be a main sponsor of the conference. EdTech Sweden is an initiative that aims to help the Nordic countries secure a global lead in EdTech – one of the world’s fastest-growing industries. This is a forum for sharing best practices and new digital solutions that promote learning.

The focus of the conference was on the technology of the future, modern learning methods and encounters between suppliers of EdTech and decision makers at all levels in business, the public sector and the training sector. Follow the debate at #edtechsweden.

Trend 1: Social Learning
One of the big trends at this year’s meeting was Social Learning. Social learning takes place all the time in organisations as employees learn from each other. Through social media and other channels the younger generation in particular are constantly sharing knowledge with each other in the form of videos, chat and other media. With the right tools, learning becomes more effective and engaging, without disrupting the daily working routine.

Trend 2: AI and custom learning
How do you create the ultimate individualised learning using AI? This was a hot topic that many people touched on, and we are sure this is just the start. In the near future it will be vital for learning platforms to offer an experience that is based on the needs and circumstances of each individual.

Trend 3: Platforms that support transformation
Another clear trend was the focus on platforms that support the constantly ongoing cultural transformation, rather than isolated learning experiences. How can organisations adapt to a growth mindset?

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