TicTac sums up 2019 – Social Learning, AI and simplicity

4 December, 2019 in News

As the year draws to an end, we first want to thank all our customers for a year of driving development forward together. We’re delighted with all the new customers who joined us in 2019 and all those who have been with us for a while.

TicTac has singled out the trends that have dominated 2019. In summary, this was the year when the process of creating training courses was decentralised. It has become easier to create courses, and a record number of courses are being created. The main sign of this is an increased use of Articulate RS, a tool that enables experts in specific fields to create their own training courses.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has entered the world of EdTech and is being implemented in organisations. We’ve only seen the beginning of how AI will become part of our everyday life and the way we learn.

2019 was also the year when accessible training courses were created for everyone, with authoring tools and LMS that work and can be implemented in different units.

Three things we take away from 2019:

  1. Social learning is here to stay.
  2. AI will soon be a hygiene factor in digital learning.
  3. Simplicity and accessibility – everybody should be able to learn when they want, and learning should be easily accessible.

In 2020 we look forward to…

Collaborative Learning
This is the year when we’ll start creating learning content together. Set frameworks and let users participate in designing their training – this agile way of working increases engagement and improves end results. 

Tailored learning
We’re all unique, and so are the skills we possess and share – as well as the skills we need to acquire and develop. 2020 is the year when we expect to see a tailored platform that uses AI to create a unique learning journey based on individuals’ unique needs.

2020 is also the year when we’ll really start utilising the data that users generate in the platform, so that content can be tailored to each user’s behaviour in your digital environment.

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