How to succeed with online meetings COVID-19: TicTac’s top tips for successful online meetings

18 March, 2020 in News

Meeting in person will always be the most enjoyable form of meeting. But it is not necessarily the most effective – and in the current circumstances is not recommended. So it is more important than ever to create the right conditions for online meetings. Apart from the health aspect and being better for the environment, webinars and online conferences offer many opportunities – if you have the right technology and ensure a good user experience.

Here are our top tips for a successful online meeting:

  1. Which web conferencing software should I use?
    Use a proven tool for online meetings and webinars. We recommend Zoom or GoToMeeting, for example. They are easy to log into and manage.
  2. How do I ensure good audio?
    Invest in a microphone or headset and make sure you close the doors to avoid being disturbed. A good internet connection also helps.
  3. How do I make the meeting effective?
    All meetings should have a clear structure and concrete targets. Present a short agenda at the start and say what you want to achieve in the meeting, so that no one loses the thread. You could also send out an agenda in advance if you know who will be taking part in the meeting.
  4. How do I engage participants in a webinar?
    It gets confusing if everyone is trying to talk at the same time, so ask participants to switch off their microphones. Encourage them to ask questions during the chat session, and include a Q&A session in the agenda. And don’t forget to follow up the meeting – it’s a good idea to send out a questionnaire after the webinar.

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