TicTac’s top 3 Social Learning tips

8 April, 2019 in News

Many companies and organisations are attracted to the idea of ​​using Social Learning, but what does this mean in reality and is there any best practice?

TicTac has been working with Social Learning for many years, but when we became a reseller for Docebo we gained a platform that supports Social Learning and makes it easy to manage and deliver.

Social Learning is a well-established alternative to learning from a book, online course or teacher, and allows us to learn by watching what others do or the way they act. This, combined with the fact that the content is provided by the employee or course participant, rather than a teacher, is the essence of Social Learning.

Here are 3 recommendations from TicTac if you are thinking about implementing Social Learning:

  1. Provide a clear and simple framework, and give users the right tools

It may sound easy to set up a platform for communication and then create the content. But it’s not that easy. In order for users to actually share information that meets the desired quality, the administrators must first create an internal “policy” or “wiki” that clearly explains why you work this way and gives guidelines on how users should take part.

  1. Video. We’ll say it again: video! 

It seems a little unlikely that participants should learn to use various tools to create courses. But with built-in solutions for screen recording and video, participants can easily create attractive, high-quality content.

  1. Experts are the key to active learning

Get your in-house experts to engage with your existing courses through a social channel. One good strategy is to set up social channels that are linked to your existing static courses by involving an expert who can complement the course and give their views on the subject. This lets course participants interact with an expert in a very active way, rather than just providing a passive learning system.

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