Trend spotting for 2021 – knowledge portals that can do more!

11 January, 2021 in News

Here at TicTac we always keep an eye on the latest trends, and this year is no exception. Is 2021 the year when we will see a breakthrough in modern knowledge portals? Our analysis shows that more and more people will be using new technologies and methods, such as learning influencers and performance support. Making sure these work effectively requires a bigger and more advanced platform than the good old LMS.

  1. More apps for learning
    More organisations are going to be using mobile apps to deliver training to their users. This will allow them to offer a brand-matched learning experience anywhere – even without an internet connection.
  2. Learning as you work
    “Live” performance support is effectively learning as you work, and in many situations it is set to replace traditional learning through conferences, e-courses and tests. By selecting in-house experts on a subject and making them accessible through a learning portal you can provide training where the work happens – for example using Teams or Slack.
  3. Learning influencers gain credibility
    Learning influencers have struggled with something of a cowboy image for a few years, but in 2021 their roles will become more formalised and structured. The important thing when picking learning influencers is not their number of followers or level of enthusiasm. It is more a question of whether they have credible expertise in the subject. By using a system for expert moderation such as Coach & Share in Docebo, this expertise can then be spread throughout the organisation, or even to the world beyond.

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