We offer templates for awareness training in information security

27 May, 2021 in News

Effective IT security is not just a matter of using the right technology. Most situations can be avoided if employees know how to handle information correctly. This may mean thinking twice before sending or opening emails, or not passing on sensitive information to anyone unauthorised. At a time when more of us are working from home it is even more important to train employees in best practice and awareness, to eliminate unnecessary risks.

Our 80% complete training in data security covers the most important and frequent issues you should consider to avoid problems.

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Throughout June we are offering you access to our course on information security when you purchase an Articulate 360 licence or add new seats to your existing licence.

By using RS 360 (part of Articulate 360) you can then quickly adapt, add to or brand the course to suit your needs – and if you need TicTac’s assistance we are always here to help.

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