What is E-Learning?

What is E-learning?

We want to make it easy to train people. Whether you work in a big organisation or a small company, reaching everyone with your message can be a challenge. Gathering everyone together on the same day can be difficult and costly. How do you know that everyone actually reads their email? And how can you be sure that they have actually learned something?

So what’s the answer?

TicTac is a complete supplier in e-learning and digital learning. This means that we have everything you need. But you can also provide some parts yourself. We believe that you know your target audience and understand your subject, so you already have a good foundation. But what you actually need to create e-learning is …

… an LMS platform

You need somewhere that participants can access your training content. A Learning Management System (LMS) lets you upload and distribute e-learning. It also lets you track activity. How many people have completed the course? Did they pass it? Which questions did they find the most difficult?
Read more about our platforms GO+ and Docebo, to find out which one matches your needs best.

Webinar about our platforms

A free webinar on the most convenient and effective platforms available. GO+ and Docebo.

… an authoring tool

We are retailers for Articulate, which is an industry-leading authoring tool. The Articulate 360 suite lets you create e-learning and online training for mobiles, tablets and computers. Simple and effective – and with a team licence it is even easier to use.

Webinar on Articulate 360

A free webinar on one of the best authoring tools on the market.

Consulting services in e-learning

Do you need to get started with web-based learning? If so, one of our consultants can help you. Among other things, we offer training, workshops and templates for e-learning creation.
Contact us so we can tell you more.


TicTac offers a selection of workshops designed to suit your needs. Workshops that are intended to inspire and train you in the various areas of e-learning.


You receive design and interaction templates for Storyline 360 that are designed around your brand style guide, automatically ensuring that your courses are appealing and consistent.


TicTac offers training in
e-learning creation. Half a day of training in course production
(online or at our premises in Malmö).

Read more about our e-learning creation


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