Experience the power of micro-learning

5 April, 2021 in News

Micro-learning is exactly what its name implies, a smaller form of digital learning that is often limited to a single task. It can be produced in various formats, such as a video clip, audio file, an instructive image and text – or short interactive training that focuses on a smaller element.

Micro-learning is ideal for use as “how to” or “just-in-time-learning” to provide the user with the knowledge they need right now. It’s just like the everyday situation where you quickly need to learn how to assemble something, fix something or find out what something means.

When you have a well-organised library of micro-learning content it can help employees complete their tasks quickly and easily, without interruption. It can cover a variety of subjects, such as product information, onboarding, assembly, system training, etc.

Micro-learning can also be used in combination with other learning. It can reinforce knowledge during a longer training course, or supplement a course by sending out or making available small reviews or reminders of knowledge later on.

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